Candice Taylor


Candice Taylor: Expert Event MC and Master of Ceremony


With over 2 decades of experience in the realm of event hosting and acting as MC, Candice  stands as a true embodiment of professionalism and mastery. As a seasoned Master of Ceremonies, her expertise goes far beyond scripted introductions – it’s about creating an engaging and seamless experience.


Having honed her skills over many years, Candice possesses a unique knack for connecting with diverse audiences. Her magnetic charisma effortlessly draws people in, making every individual feel like an integral part of the event. Whether it’s a corporate conference or a lively gala, Candice has the uncanny ability to read the room and adapt her approach, fostering a genuine rapport that resonates.

Cancer Council Master of Ceremonies Melbourne
Candice, MC with Todd Harper CEO - Cancer Council Vic at the Cancer Council's Thank You Event in Melbourne
Monash business Awards
Candice, MC with Mayor Tina Samardzija at the Monash Business Awards


Candice’s true magic lies in her capacity to tie the entire event together. She weaves a narrative that transforms a series of moments into a cohesive, unforgettable journey. Her attention to detail, combined with a deep understanding of event dynamics, ensures that transitions are seamless and the energy remains consistently captivating.


So, if you’re seeking an Event MC who is not just a Master of Ceremonies, but a master of connections, engagement, and orchestration, Candice Taylor is your ultimate choice. Elevate your event experience with her expertise and let her transform it into an occasion that lingers in the memories of all who attend.

BITE Conference 2019 - Event Manager