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Your Wedding MC Melbourne: The Key to a Seamless Celebration

Candice is a masterful Wedding MC in Melbourne who brings an electric energy, unparalleled charisma, and unwavering professionalism to your special day. With a unique ability to connect with audiences of all sizes, she infuses each moment with a vibrant and captivating spirit, ensuring that your wedding event becomes an intimate and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Her meticulous attention to detail and seamless coordination guarantee that your event flows flawlessly, allowing you to relax and relish in the joyous atmosphere she creates. As your Wedding MC, Candice is not just a host but a memory-maker, crafting an occasion that resonates in hearts long after the final toast.

What Does a Wedding MC Do?

In the following article, Candice, a Professional master of ceremonies, who has been a wedding MC Melbourne for over two decades, shares the integral role she plays in making every wedding the most memorable event for the bridal couple and their guests. Here she answers the most common question, "What does a wedding MC do?"


When it comes time to booking your reception, you may want to seriously consider the services of a professional MC as opposed to a friend or a family member. Below are some of the key responsibilities I manage as your wedding MC in order to make the reception seamless and a memorable wedding day.

There’s no question that a wedding is a celebration of the love of  two people where family and friends gather to make it the most joyous occasion and one to remember for a long time . The role of the MC or master of ceremonies is crucial in making sure the day goes off without a hitch and the bride and groom can relax knowing that a professional is leading the event and taking care of everything.

Most people think that Mcing a wedding is simply introducing the wedding party, the speeches and some other formalities. This, however could not be further from the truth.

When you book a professional MC like myself, I am there to ultimately make sure your wedding runs smoothly and on time. I become the host for your wedding reception, which means you can truly kick back,   relax and enjoy this most amazing, highly anticipated  day with your partner,  loved ones,  family and friends. 

So allow me to answer a  common question, “what does the wedding MC do” ?

Setting the Stage for Your Special Day


Welcoming Guests

As your Wedding MC, my first duty is to  welcome and greet your guests as they arrive at the venue. I always aim to create a tone for a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring everyone feels comfortable, relaxed and appreciated.

Creating Smooth Transitions

As a skilled MC, I understand how to  transition the guests from one part of the wedding to the next seamlessly. I guide the guests, bridal party and service providers, making sure everyone is where they need to be at the right time and know exactly what is about to take place. This allows the guests and other service providers to relax, knowing that someone is taking the lead and running of the event.

The Heart of the Wedding Reception


 Announcing the Bridal Party

As your Melbourne Master of ceremonies,  I introduce the bridal party, adding a touch of excitement and anticipation as each member is announced, leading up to the grand entrance of the bride and groom. This is a super exciting and fun moment where I love to get the guests involved and giving loads of love to the introduced parties. By the time the bride and Groom are introduced, the room erupts and the stars of the show are introduced! So much fun and definitely not the boring introductions you may usually see at weddings. The performer in me, knows exactly how to make this moment captivate the guests.

Liasing with the Service Providers

I ensure  everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. I coordinate with the other service providers such as the photographer. Videographer, band/DJ, venue and anyone else working at your wedding so that we all know what is about to happen. There is nothing worse than an MC announcing the bridal dance and the band are still in the middle of eating their meals or the videographer unaware that the cutting of the cake is happening and he/she is not set up and ready for that moment. If anything unexpected goes awry, I can assure you the bride and groom do not know about it.  I take all the stress and concern and make sure everything is managed to get back on track as efficiently as possible.

Offering Support and Calm

It is quite normal to feel a little jittery on your big day, and as your MC, I offer support and a calming presence to the couple, helping them navigate any nervous moments. If you need a drink, or a moment to yourself, I am able to make sure you get that and allow for this time wise.

Closing Remarks

As the wedding celebration draws to a close, as the MC, I  offer closing remarks, thanking guests for their presence and encouraging them to participate in any final activities.

Wedding exit –  Farewell to the Newlyweds

One of my  final duties as the MC is to  coordinate the farewell otherwise known as the wedding exit for the bridal couple. Whether it’s a traditional send-off, sparkler exit, or any other chosen exit style, I ensure it goes off without a hitch. Some couples choose to have their guests make a circle as they go around and say goodbye to each guest. There are variations on this that I can suggest if you want to scale this idea down a little. We discuss all the options at our pre wedding meeting where you can make the right decision then. I will make sure your car is ready for you to get straight into once you have left the venue so there’s no delay and waiting around for you.

As your wedding MC, my role is  much more than just a voice on the microphone. I act as the conductor of your wedding, ensuring that every element of your special day flows seamlessly. From welcoming guests and managing the ceremony if needed,  guiding the reception and providing a voice for the celebration.   Please feel free to contact me to have a no obligation chat to disuss your big day!

What's the Process Once You Book Candice as Your MC

It’s super simple. Candice will organise a time to meet with you and your partner either in  person or via zoom and go through the run sheet with you to make sure you are both 100% happy with the timings will be able to give advice on any special moments you would like to high light at your reception.